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Complete prenatal in one tiny pearl.

Comprehensive prenatal vitamin softgel with 14 key vitamins and minerals, and DHA.

  • 40% more folic acid
  • Immediate and modified release folic acid (1.4 mg) as FOLMAX®
  • Highly purified, marine-based DHA (200 mg)
  • Easy on the stomach iron (30 mg)

†Than the leading prescription prenatal vitamin as of 07/18.

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  • Product Details

    vitaPearl: Prenatal Multivitamin with DHA

    vitaPearl, the complete prenatal in one tiny pearl, is a comprehensive, easy to take prescription prenatal vitamin that delivers 14 key vitamins and minerals plus 200 mg of DHA. It helps provide the nutrition you and your baby need whether you are planning a pregnancy, pregnant, or nursing.*

    Recommended Use: One softgel taken once daily.

    Folic Acid

    vitaPearl features 40% more folic acid than the leading prescription prenatal vitamin**

    1.4 mg of folic acid as FOLMAX®.

    FOLMAX is formulated to help maintain beneficial folate levels in the body*

    Benefit: Folic acid supports healthy development of the brain, spine, and spinal cord1,2 – building a strong foundation for baby’s growth.3**


    30 mg of iron as FePlus®.

    FePlus is a proprietary, chelated-containing iron that is readily absorbed and easy on the stomach*

    Benefit: Supports the mother’s health during pregnancy and the baby’s healthy gestational period.4**


    200 mg of pur-DHA™.

    pur-DHA is produced using a patented, advanced supercritical CO2 extraction and purification process.

    Benefit: DHA supports healthy fetal neural development5, cognitive health and attention span6, and hand/eye coordination.7*


    These ingredients are what make vitaPearl so special. Take a more detailed look at this exclusive combination of proprietary ingredients.

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  • Certifications


    GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega 3s, is an international, not-for-profit trade organization focused on setting and monitoring high ethical and quality standards and practices for those who use DHA in their products.

    GOED accomplishes this by educating consumers on DHA, and working with government groups, the healthcare community, and the healthcare industry to ensure these standards and practices are met.

    Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Lactose Free

    Gluten Free    Sugar Free    Lactose Free
  • Nutritional Facts
     Nutritional Facts for vitaPearl
  • Testimonials
    primary care physician icon
    Dr. Menon, California
    One of my patients was so excited and shocked by how easy vitaCare was to use and said she didn't get the "run-around" she usually experiences at her local pharmacy. She was even more excited about the fact that she had a $0 co-pay for her vitaPearl prenatal!

    One of my patients who uses vitaCare came to me and said, “It is nice to get the prescription in the mail instead of having to wait in line at the pharmacy.”
    Once I found out we were expecting a baby, I immediately switched (from vitaMedMD RediChew Rx) to vitaPearl because of the DHA. After insurance and your discount, we pay $15. It was so easy to put RediChew Rx auto-refill on hold and start vitaPearl, vitaPearl is small and easy to swallow, no bad taste or smell. Thanks for great and fast service. I look forward to taking vitaPearl after my delivery and when I finish breast feeding then going back to RediChew Rx!
    I know I'm making the best choice possible for my baby when I take vitaPearl. It is so tiny, easy to swallow, and never leaves me with an upset stomach. I wish vitaPearl was available during my first pregnancy!
    Kimberly, Owner of Peanut in My Belly Co.
    vitaPearl, in it's tiny form is so easy to take compared to most prenatal vitamins. Many make me feel nauseous even when taking them with a big meal, but with vitaPearl I have zero sick feeling!
  • Key Ingredients

    Immediate and Modified Release Folic Acid

    FOLMAX is a proprietary immediate and modified release folic acid formulated to help maintain folate levels in a woman’s body throughout the day.*

    The Importance of Folic Acid During Pregnancy

    Folic acid is a B vitamin that helps:

    • Reduce the risk of neural tube defects1,2
    •  Support healthy DNA synthesis and cell division3

    Both building a strong foundation for your baby’s development and growth. Learn More        


    Find FOLMAX in the following:

    vitaPearl and vitaMedMD RedichewRx both provide 1.4mg of FOLMAX.


    Highly Purified, Marine-based DHA

    pur-DHA is a proprietary, highly purified, marine-based DHA produced using a patented, advanced supercritical CO2 extraction and purification process.

    This advanced technology gently extracts omega-3 fatty acids without applying excessive heat and/or chemical solvents, ensuring no unwanted isomers or traces of toxic solvents in the final product. pur-DHA is also produced without oxygen, providing better stability and no oxidation. Learn More


    Quickly Absorbed, Easy on the Stomach Iron

    FePlus is a proprietary, blended chelate-containing iron that is quickly absorbed by the body and gentle on the stomach. Chelation, the process of binding iron molecules to an amino acid, stabilizes iron so it is readily absorbed into the bloodstream while being gentle on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

    FePlus is food-friendly and has no metallic taste, so you can take your prenatal vitamin with or without meals. Learn More

    See More ...

· Up to $65 maximum savings off all vitaMedMD brand prenatals
· Up to $50 maximum savings off all authorized generics*
*Offer subject to change. See offer terms and conditions.
**Not valid for Medicaid or other similar state or federally funded healthcare program. Call 800-350-3819 or visit for more information, including terms and conditions.