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Common Dreams During Pregnancy by Trimester

At times, your dreams during pregnancy are often more vivid, more memorable, and let’s say, more interesting than before pregnancy. Why? Well, dreams are believed to be subconscious reflections of your emotions, and whether you’re experiencing excitement, anticipation, joy, or anxiety during pregnancy, rampant hormones, particularly progesterone, intensify each and every feeling you have.

During pregnancy, you also tend to wake up more often in the middle of the night. Whether it’s to go to the bathroom, change sleep positions, or satisfy food cravings, the added back and forth makes for more dreams that are remembered more vividly.

So, what are these dreams? The following list, while not scientific, is a compilation of what seems to be the most common, colorful dreams shared by pregnant women – and of course, having or not having any of these dreams is not a sign of any kind!

Dreams During Pregnancy: First Trimester

Dreams experienced during the first trimester can feel especially real due to the many changes a newly pregnant woman goes through physically and emotionally, including joy in finding out she’s pregnant, an ever-morphing body, or the anticipation of becoming a new mom. Such dreams include:

  • Giving birth to baby animals, think puppies, kittens, or bunnies (cute, but yikes!)
  • Giving birth to a toddler – or full grown adult (ouch!)
  • Swimming, being surrounded by, or floating on, water (feeling your baby moving in amniotic fluid)
  • Being trapped in a room, struggling to get out (possible anxiety about being pregnant or identifying with your baby as “trapped” in your womb)
  • Looking at yourself in a mirror, and not recognizing who you are (possibly due to progressive changes to your body)
  • Your partner having sex with someone else (wondering if your partner still finds you attractive)
  • Driving a speeding truck or a bus (being “behind the wheel” and taking control of a situation)

Dreams During Pregnancy: Second Trimester

Dreams during your second trimester may tend to mirror more of the anxiety that may be felt at this time. Common themes include wondering what type of mother you will be, worrying if you’ll ever look “like yourself” again. On the flip side, when you enter your second trimester, you can exhale and reveal to everyone that you are indeed expecting, sharing all the joy and happiness that comes with it. Common dreams that run the gamut include:

  • Romping with cute, cuddly creatures (perhaps the puppies, kittens, or bunnies from your first trimester?)
  • Romping with an old partner (validation of your attractiveness)
  • Misplacing your baby or putting your baby in danger (possibly fear of the unknown or realizing the responsibilities of becoming a parent)
  • Someone is attacking you (again, possibly fear of the unknown)
  • Giving birth to a non-human entity (we’re talking Alien or Rosemary’s Baby)
  • Giving birth to your beautiful baby (assurance that all is well, after all)
  • Having a conversation with your newborn (looking  forward to finally meeting your baby and bonding)

Dreams During Pregnancy: Third Trimester

  • Going into labor (trial run, perhaps?)
  • Being bombarded by baby names (trying to choose, or wondering if you made the right choice)
  • Trying to figure out if your newborn baby is a boy or a girl (if you haven’t already found out)
  • Random, imposing figures like bears, gorillas, dinosaurs, skyscrapers, factories, or brick walls (possibly because it’s more difficult to get around lately)
  • Your partner having sex with someone else (wondering if your partner will still be there)
  • Tidal waves or other churning water (may just be water retention)
  • Imagining your baby’s face – and experiencing absolute joy and contentment (enough said!)

As noted, the above is a compilation of some of the common, colorful dreams experienced during pregnancy. It is a fun look at these dreams, letting you know that when you have one that seems so “out there” – all is well and you are not alone!

Have you experienced any of these dreams during pregnancy?

The information included in this article and on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult your healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information for your own situation.


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