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vitaMom Contributors  vitaMom Contributors

Amanda Hagedon

Amanda Hagedon entered 2015 as first time mama to baby boy Arthur. With a background in Design + Marketing, this year is about navigating new waters as a working mom. She lives in Columbia, Maryland with her patient husband Matt, charming son Arthur, and two feline fur-balls Storm and Saul.  Featured Articles

Blanca Avila

I am a stay at home mom of two very smart girls. I have a wonderful, hardworking, supportive husband. We live in California. I love to cook, do arts and crafts with my girls, and crochet. I became a blogger to keep family and friends updated on our everyday lives.  Featured Articles

Gluten Free Mom to Be

I'm a gluten free mommy to two precious little girls. Living gluten free isn't always easy, especially while pregnant but I'm here to help. Follow along with me on Gluten Free Mom To Be where I highlight my gluten free favorites, pregnancy stories, and everything in-between.  Featured Articles

Heather McMechan

I’m the COO–chief operating officer–of my family. Along with my husband, we are raising 2 amazing kids that keep us on our toes with their sense of humor and enthusiasm for everyday life. I was inspired to start Local Mom Scoop after listening to other moms and their need more information.  Featured Articles

Katrina Villegas

Katrina is enjoying her new career as a SAHM, and is organizing her chaos one baby step at a time. She is a former engineer and teacher, and is applying that knowledge to her motherhood journey. Katrina is a Babywise mama and blogging about each experience she encounters.  Featured Articles

Kristen Verderber

I’m Kristen a full time working mother of a happy 3 year old boy and one on the way. I’m just doing my best at doing my best and sharing what I’ve learned through my experiences.  Featured Articles

Rachel Johnson

I'm Rachel Johnson, a military wife and mommy of two with our third on the way. I love fashion, food, and hair.  Featured Articles

Rebecca Craw

Rebecca is a blogger, contributing tech author, and mother living in Albuquerque, NM. She spends her days with her darling one-year-old daughter, Tegan, her husband, and her two sassy cats: Jasper and Ginger. She became a blogger to share her life experience and tell amusing (and true!) stories.  Featured Articles

Tamia Dawkins

NY-born ‘mom expert,’ Tamia Dawkins is the creator of MasterMomz a resource for momz. As a wife, ‘SAHM’ mom of 3 beautiful boys, she sought out to fully embrace her mothering season. With a desire to see all moms, excel in their mothering experience, she created “MM’ the #1 mommy resource that includes a blog with everyday tipz.  Featured Articles