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Advice from Family, Friends, and Coworkers During My Second Trimester

When the second trimester rolls around, if people already knew about your pregnancy, the advice tends to dwindle a bit. If you just announced your pregnancy, however, the advice will be flowing with first- and second-trimester tips as no one remembers which trimester you are in at this point except you.

Enjoy this trimester

By far, this is the truest advice you’ll get! The first trimester is composed of tiredness and sickness, and during the third, you pretty much feel like a beached whale.

Get everything done now before your third trimester

This includes everything from finding a pediatrician to learning about your maternity and insurance benefits. Most people will tell you to get as much of the list done during this trimester since you’ll have the most energy. Download and print a to-do checklist for each trimester and keep on top of it.

Decorate the nursery before you get too tired

This is also good advice. Painting is OK to do now that you are in the second trimester. Moving things around will also be much easier before you get too large!

Buy maternity clothes now

At this point in your pregnancy, your baby bump might be starting to show a decent amount. Everyone will have something to say about what you should wear and how you look. Many people will tell you to run now and stock up on maternity clothes since you’ll get to enjoy it while you aren’t yet in desperate need of trying to find things that fit.

Don’t buy maternity clothes until you have to

The other half of the people will tell you to never buy maternity clothes! Some women managed not to, so they think you won’t have to either.

This really is the best trimester! Soak it up, enjoy yourself, and get done what you can. Just go ahead and assume that you’ll be tired again during the third trimester!


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