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Advice from Family, Friends, and Coworkers During My First Trimester

Anyone who finds out you are pregnant during the first trimester is most likely going to have some sort of advice for you, if not a book-full! I’ve listed below the most common pieces of advice that were given to me. You’ll notice that some of the statements contradict one another. Everyone has their own pregnancy experience and wants to warn others just in case they go through something similar. Don’t forget, the advice is most likely good-intentioned, even if you aren’t asking for it.

Keep crackers by your bed

This one I found to be useful. I had horrible morning sickness that occurred morning, noon, and night! Keeping a snack handy at all times was key.

Don’t tell anyone you are pregnant until the second trimester

Most people will advise in favor of this. Most of the things that go wrong with a pregnancy happen in the first trimester, so waiting until you’ve made it through can prevent heartache from being on display for the world.

Don’t read pregnancy books

Many people warned me to steer clear of pregnancy books as they would only scare me and overwhelm me with information.

Read pregnancy books

Others told me to read, read, read so I’d be prepared! I found that there were some pregnancy books that were a little out of control with cautions. I liked reading the What to Expect books, however, and loved following along each week to see where my baby’s size progression was in the fruit and vegetable department!

Get as much rest as you can

This one is easier said than done. Most women feel like they’ve been hit by a freight train during the first trimester and are super exhausted. That doesn’t mean we have extra time to rest, however!

Enjoy time alone with your spouse while you still can

Good advice, but there is no real sense of urgency for this during the first trimester when you are feeling as fatigued as you’ve ever been. Extra cuddles were how we achieved this throughout the entire pregnancy.

My best advice, which oddly enough didn’t make the list of what others advised me to do, is to take the time to find an OB you trust and feel comfortable with. And finally, remember to take advice with a grain of salt if it doesn’t sit well with you! People really do mean well when they give you that unsolicited advice!

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