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Why Did I Decide to Use a Baby Sling?

My decision to use a baby sling was not based on convenience, although I can’t deny that baby slings are monumentally beneficial when hauling around ten pounds of baby all day. There was no medical reason for it, and I certainly didn’t decide to use it because of how heavy babies are. I actually started using one out of sheer desperation one afternoon just a few weeks after my daughter was born. For the first couple of weeks she was in intensive care, but shortly before she turned 1 month old, I found myself at wits end because she wouldn’t sleep anywhere except for my chest, and it’s impossible for me to not wake up a baby when I really needed to get things done around the house despite my best efforts.

Baby sling

It wasn’t like I had to vacuum or do laundry, but I wanted to move from the couch without waking her up, but she would only sleep on my chest, and if I moved, she almost always woke right up when I had to adjust her position. It meant that making food, using my computer, or even just going to the bathroom was treated like a hostage negotiation. Around this time, I remembered that my mother-in-law had given me a sling, and in a moment of desperation, I decided to use it. If you’re like me, you probably hadn’t used a sling before you were pregnant (why would you?), and the process of getting one on is surprisingly difficult. After several failed attempts, I was able to get it on and slip my daughter in it.

She took to it surprisingly well, and within the first few minutes of her in it, she was out like a light. It was amazing from that point on. Not only did I enjoy having my daughter so close to my chest, but I was finally able to be productive and get things done around the home again. On long walks, even as the temperature fell rapidly in the fall months, my daughter would snooze peacefully wrapped up in the sling. On the occasions where she was awake she seemed to relish being able to look out at the world from a higher vantage point than her stroller allowed.

Plus, as time went on, the sling adapted to her size and I was able to use it for around eight months or so. I think I stopped as the summer temperature caught up with me and the sling seemed to amplify the hot temperatures. Up until that point though, it became a lifesaver, and for any mother-to-be out there, I would highly recommend one. Plus, men can use it too! It took some cajoling, but I finally got my husband to start using it a month or so after I did, and I’m willing to bet you could get your significant other to use one as well.


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