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Pregnancy and Hair Care

Experiencing faster-growing hair that seems thicker than usual? That’s because it is! While you are pregnant, your hair stays fuller and emanates a luscious shine due to an increase in the hormone responsible for keeping you from losing your hair. The hormone that we know as estrogen causes hair to remain in the growing phase and stimulates the growth of your hair. You can also give credit for your full head of hair to your increase in blood flow.

Pregnancy hair care

You may also be experiencing hair growth in places you didn’t before, like your chin and chest. Yes, these are some of the random places that hair can grow, but rest assured, they will fall out soon after having your baby. The usual time for hair to fall out is anywhere from three to six months after giving birth. If, for some reason, your hair is falling out in large amounts during pregnancy, it could be caused by a lack of nutrients or vitamins. In that case, you most definitely want to speak to your healthcare provider.

If you want to try and keep as much hair on your head as possible from falling out and continue the luscious shine that pregnancy hair brings, here are some tips to follow: avoid tight hair styles that will stress your hair and cause it to fall out; use shampoos and conditioners with biotin and silica; do protein treatments one or two times a week to keep your hair from becoming brittle; and be gentle on your hair when it’s damp, as wet hair is fragile and breaks easier, avoid fine-tooth combs. Try applying eggs, coconut oil, avocado, and mayonnaise on your hair to help keep protein in your hair. All of these items are external application procedures that help to lock in moisture. Protein helps to keep your hair strong so it doesn’t get brittle and become full of split ends.


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