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Nursing Wear: What Worked for Me

If you are anything like me, you just got done revamping your wardrobe to include work appropriate maternity wear. Then, that bundle of joy comes along and you are nursing. If it wasn’t annoying enough that I was still stuck in my maternity wear for a few weeks, I also had to whip out my boobs every couple of hours to feed that bundle of joy. Admittedly, going topless was my go-to for the first few weeks, but that only lasts so long when you have company coming over to visit that beautiful baby. The frustrating part is that you have no idea how large your breasts are going to be until your milk comes in…about 5 days after giving birth. So, having nursing wear on hand isn’t as easy as it sounds. Oh, and I needed things that would work for nursing for a full year. I also didn’t want to break the bank for this wardrobe. As a result, I decided to buy non-nursing (nursing friendly), nursing clothes to wear! That’s a mouthful…here’s what I mean:

Nursing Wear

1. Nursing Friendly Bra

I tried the nursing bras. They were uncomfortable and didn’t provide any support. Once you’ve flipped down the cup several times, it starts to get wrinkles that show through your shirt. Not the most attractive. So, I invested in a bra that clasps in the front. I found the same brand of bra that I love and always wear, so the comfort was still what I desired. The open front allowed for easy access, and there was no flipping of cups down to create unsightly wrinkles.

2. Nursing Cami

If you purchase a couple of nursing camisoles, this will cover up your stomach while allowing access to your breasts for nursing.

3. Nursing Friendly Clothing

Button up shirts work so amazingly well for nursing. Find some normal, cute shirts that you love and feel confident in, unbutton the top and you are good to go!

4. Regular Clothing

If you have on your nursing cami, you can simply lift up any shirt and nurse with as much privacy as a nursing shirt would provide. You’ll still be all covered up, but you’ll feel great in your regular clothes that you love so much!

Find some great clothes that work for you. Go for comfort and confidence. You’ll want to feel and look good, but still be able to nurse comfortably. Nursing clothes are expensive, so feel free to think outside the box and find yourself some nursing friendly clothes that will work just as good- if not better!


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