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My Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Some women start to feel self-conscious about their bodies while pregnant, I was one of them. I started to feel huge and not attractive, though my husband always told me I was wrong. Then I started the scratching all over my stomach. Of course, it was due to the baby growing and my weight gain, so my stomach was bound to stretch. There are a few things I did to try to prevent stretch marks, which I found extremely helpful.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

I used stretch mark cream, which is sold at your local pharmacy. On a daily basis, I would put it on my concerned areas after getting out of the shower, before bed, and then again when waking up, which helped miraculously. There were times I would still itch, but instead of scratching, I would rub the area, thus preventing future marks. With my first pregnancy, I only got one stretch mark, but with my second, that was a different story.

A lot of people have different opinions about stretch marks. Some think they are unattractive, and others think that women with them should not even wear a two piece swimsuit. However, I have learned to embrace my marks, as they are beautiful because my body created beautiful things, my daughters. My marks are a reminder of the beautiful pregnancies I’ve had. If you can’t prevent stretch marks, embrace them, flaunt them, because you are beautiful with or without them.


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