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Maternity Photo Shoot Tips

Maternity photos are pictures that you will cherish forever and share with your loved ones as well as your precious baby that is featured in your growing belly. With that being said, the pressure to capture the brightest and best photos during your pregnancy may be weighing heavily on you. I made a list of tips to follow while pregnant and taking photos that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Maternity photo shoot

One of the best times to take maternity photos is between seven and eight months of pregnancy when you have a sizeable belly. At this point, you have not yet reached the point of swollen extremities.

Be sure to stay away from backgrounds that are too busy. Capturing the beauty of pregnancy in a simple setting can add to the quality of the photos. Keeping the background as natural as possible adds a freshness to your photos that you will appreciate for years to come. Avoid locations where people frequent, so you don’t have random strangers in the background and give yourself time to find a great location. Start planning where you want to take pictures at the beginning of your pregnancy.

Stick with solid colored clothing that clings to your body to accentuate your growing belly. Find a color that compliments your eyes and skin tone and get your partner and children to wear colors close to the color you choose to stick with a theme. There is nothing worse than a planned photo shoot with clashing colors.

Also, try looking up poses on Pinterest so you know what you like and be sure to show your photographer. Use the photos you pinned on Pinterest as inspiration for your own unique maternity photos. While taking your maternity photo shoot, keep your phone out and readily available so you can look at your pins for reference.

The final tip of advice for great maternity photos is to know and realize that standing is better than sitting and lying down. With all the extra weight you are carrying around during pregnancy, photos can look extremely awkward and unnatural very easily. Sitting and lying down during pregnancy places restrain on your lungs, so avoid those two positions to keep from turning red, hot, and bothered.

Remember to have fun and try new things. You never know how many babies you are going to have, so soaking in each pose is a must.


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