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Show off Your Baby Bump with These Top 6 Maternity Must Haves

Admittedly, I loved dressing my growing baby bump! Okay, maybe not every single stage of the bump. Probably my least favorite was the awkward beginning where you’re just beginning to show with a not so obvious bigger belly that is actually a baby bump. But, for the most part, I loved shopping for and wearing maternity clothes of all kinds. My husband always said that there’s nothing more adorable than a pregnant me, with our little miracle growing inside my expanding baby bump giving me that extra glow. I never felt more comfortable dressing my body than when I was pregnant. Check out some of my favorite maternity fashions!

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A must-have for every pregnant woman. You can’t get much better than a soft and comfy pair of stretchy bottoms, the epitome of why leggings are a mommy-to-be’s absolute best friend. Leggings are the most comfortable way to accommodate the baby bump and are perfect with long tops, dresses, or just for bedtime. That’s probably why I had so many pairs in my closet!

Stretchy Tanks

These are an amazingly versatile basic that every woman needs in their year round wardrobe. Stretchy tanks are a great form fitting top to show off the bump beautifully in the summer or layer with other tops in the cooler seasons. I made sure I had a maternity tank in every neutral color that matched any and all bottoms I had throughout my pregnancy. One of my favorite pairings was a stretchy tank camisole with an adorable maxi skirt.

Skinny Jeans

There’s nothing more adorable than a mommy-to-be in a pair of skinnies with either a form fitting or a flowy maternity top, showing off every bit of cuteness that the baby bump offers. Skinny jeans have just the right amount of stretchiness and when equipped with the full belly panel or stretchy side bands they’re about as comfy as a pair of leggings. I loved wearing my maternity skinny jeans in the fall with a cute pair of boots and light sweater and in the spring with my favorite ballet flats and flowy top.

Flowy Tunics and Baggy Tees

Sometimes you just want to relax in a baggy tee or flowy tunic, another great one paired with leggings. They’re a great casual look for running errands, going for a walk, or chasing your toddler around the house and can survive from beginning to end of your pregnancy. And remember, your husband’s tees are always a comfy option, after all, what’s cuter than your pregnant wife in your favorite tee shirt?

Bump Hugging Dresses

Form fitting dresses hugging that precious baby bump in all the right places were in my top three favorite maternity looks. There’s just something about wearing an adorable spring/summer dress that accents your blossoming bump, making you feel even glowier than you probably already do.

Maxi Dresses and Skirts

I love, love, love maxi dresses and skirts. Unfortunately, I’m pretty short so, they are usually too long and require hemming; but for some reason, a few maternity versions I bought during my pregnancy this past spring fit just right, such a pleasant surprise! They were a great and slightly more comfortable alternative to jeans and/or shorts as I entered my final weeks. Form fighting or flowy, both are such an adorable look and can make for a great outfit for a maternity picture, too! For my second pregnancy’s maternity pictures, I opted for a long and flowy chiffon dress that was so comfy and perfect for outdoor garden pictures.


Dressing your pregnant body, which seems to look and feel different every day, can certainly be a challenge, but why not celebrate this phase in your life and embrace your bump in the most comfortable ways possible. After all, you’re only pregnant and able to cradle your precious baby belly for so long, so make sure you feel as special on the outside as you do on the inside right now!



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