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Glowing In an Affordable Maternity Wardrobe

Ask my husband, I love to shop, mostly for my little girls more than anything else. While my husband doesn’t actually share my thrill for shopping, he’s pretty happy that he married a bargain shopper. Whether it’s shopping for my girls, my husband, or myself, I rarely buy anything regular priced unless necessary or for something extra special for the girls. Sales and clearance racks have saved us so much over the years and have been even better now with our rapidly growing girls. Since adding our girls to our family, my biggest joy is picking something out for them and rarely for myself, in fact the only times I really have purchased much for myself has been during my pregnancies. There was something about my growing baby bump that just made me as they say “glow” and I certainly wanted my wardrobe to reflect how glowy I actually felt. So, with two pregnancies on opposite ends of the year, I was left shopping for two different wardrobes at the start of each. Honestly, maternity clothes that fit a woman of shorter stature are pretty hard to come by, so to hopefully pick up a whole new wardrobe without busting our budget was very intimidating. No worries though, through both of my pregnancies I managed to dress my bump in affordable and stylish comfort. Check out some of my favorite places to pick up some affordable maternity styles!

maternity wardrobe

Old Navy

My all time favorite place to shop, especially while pregnant. Not only do they offer figure flattering and very non-maternity looking clothes, but you’ll find some great wardrobe essentials for even better prices when they’re either on sale or on clearance. Keep in mind a majority of their maternity stock is online, which is pretty beneficial seeing as you can take advantage of many a promotion that’s online only. Some of my favorite Old Navy maternity staples are the tamis, which are perfect for summer or to layer in the winter, skinny jeans that you can wear year round, weather permitting, maxi dresses and skirts that are figure flattering to all, even us short girls, and tons of different shorts, my favorites are the denim and linen versions, with the stretchy side panels or the full belly panel on the front. I’d say about ninety percent of my maternity wardrobe consists of Old Navy pieces that I snagged either on clearance or with a great sale online. Just a tip too, many of Old Navy’s regular sized clothes can work great for a large portion of your pregnancy, maybe just in a size up, so check out the rest of the store too.


Ah, Target, the store that you always walk into looking for just one thing but never walk out of with just that one thing. It’s a blessing and a curse I suppose, but thanks to Target, mommy-to-be’s can pick up some adorable maternity fashions without breaking the bank. They have everything maternity from belly bands that extend the life of your regular jeans that don’t quite fit anymore to more fashionable items like classy maternity work wear and summer essentials like bathing suits and dresses. Some of my favorite Target pieces are their soft camisoles that pair perfectly under maternity and non-maternity shirts along with super comfortable and flattering jackets. The best part about doing some pregnancy wardrobe shopping at Target is their clearance section. Always take a look at the clearance racks in the women’s section because they tend to put quite a few maternity items on them and for some great prices too. Also, sign up for Target’s mobile coupons and keep an eye out under the coupon tab on their website for coupons on maternity clothes, on occasion you’ll see coupons for either specific brands or just a purchase of maternity clothes in general.


Not necessarily the cheapest resource for everyday clothes, but definitely one to keep written down for some special pieces. If you have my luck, you’ll get to attend plenty of weddings when you’re expecting. While standing in heels pregnant for an extended period of time isn’t overly appealing, getting dolled up and feeling a little extra glowy on a rare occasion is much appreciated during a sometimes less than glamorous time. From personal experience, tracking down a wedding appropriate dress that doesn’t resemble a potato sack and cost tons of money is a toughy and trust me I’ve searched high and low for wedding appropriate maternity attire. While I’ve actually turned to non-maternity but slightly stretchy dresses in a pinch, there’s a great alternative on ASOS, a fantastic site that offers pages and pages of dresses suitable for a variety of occasions that fit the budget. An added bonus, they offer free return shipping when needed, a plus especially when you’re maternity shopping.

Hand Me Downs:

Let’s face it, there’s no sense in dishing out big bucks for a wardrobe that’ll be worn for such a short amount of time, so if you don’t have much luck sale or clearance shopping, check out consignment shops or if the opportunity arises, maybe hand me downs from a sister or friend. Since we don’t get much wear or tear out of our maternity clothes and only use them for a little while, they’re great items to donate or sell on yard sale sites. I know I’ve seen quite a few bundles of maternity clothes for great prices on some local yard sale social media sites, so keep an eye out, you might get lucky!


There you have it! Dressing that adorable baby bump of yours doesn’t have to be stressful or too costly. You’ll only be pregnant for a short time so why not embrace the bump, shop smart and save, and show off that gorgeous baby body! 



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