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Beach Essentials for Expecting Mommies

A pregnancy that spans the summer months can have plenty of perks and drawbacks, from the outdoor freedom and delicious summer foods to the fierce summer heat and strong sun. However, even while combating heat and humidity, I’m still a sucker for a summer pregnancy ─ as long as I have plenty of air conditioning to escape to, that is. There’s nothing I love more than long walks on summer nights, cooling off in the pool, and as an east coast girl, settling down in the sand for plenty of beach days. The beach is a summer must in my neck of the woods, even when I’ve been plus one.

Beach essentials for expecting mommies

For pregnancies one and two, I spent many a summer day on the beach. Sure, the actual act of trekking across the sand was a tad more difficult with the bigger belly, but shell-hunting, building sand castles with my toddler, and cooling off in the ocean was such a bonus for this mommy and baby. Plus, seeing that many activities are off limits for expecting mommies puts one more check in the pro column for the beach. All you have to do to set yourself up for a fantastic beach day is load on some extra-strong sunscreen, keep guzzling lots and lots of fluids, and stay out of the direct sun as much as possible. Another tip for a great beach day for mommies-to-be is to be comfortable! Comfort might not necessarily be synonymous with pregnancy, but dressing in your favorite, most comfy beachwear is a good start. From top to bottom, the key is cool, comfy coverage to minimize that sun exposure but not to constrict your growing baby bump. Here are some essentials for your maternity beach look:

Pick Your Favorite Swimsuit

One-pieces or bikinis, which do you prefer? No matter your preference, both can be found in the maternity section, and don’t discount non-maternity options either. In fact, none of my swimwear while I was pregnant was maternity, just stretchy or two-piece options that accommodated my little passenger. As far as style, I personally think a blossoming baby bump looks adorable in any tasteful version of a bathing suit. I went with one-pieces and two-pieces during both of my pregnancies and, while it felt a little odd having my larger than life belly out for all to see, oh my, was it comfortable! While the one-piece is great to cover skin that just so happens to be more sun sensitive during this time, there’s a huge benefit to two-pieces that can’t be beat. Here’s a hint, bathroom breaks every hour on the hour anyone? Yup, wearing two-pieces makes your life so much easier, which will be greatly appreciated after your second or third trip to the bathroom.

Invest in a Comfy Cover-Up

Cover-ups were always my friends pre-baby, and during and after, they became my besties. Picking something light and cool that can give most of your body a much-needed break from the sun is necessary. No need for a maternity version of these, non-maternity is perfect. They usually come larger and flowy anyway, aka mommy-to-be friendly! Some of my favorites are flowy tunic dresses or skirts that you can find pretty much anywhere, but try Old Navy to start.

Sun Protection from Head to Toe

It’s not highly recommended to bask in the summer sun when you’re expecting, and most doctors would recommend staying out of the sun and heat as much as possible. This recommendation doesn’t mean the beach is totally off limits though. There are definitely ways you can bend this rule. Start by opting for a non 100-degree day and shoot for the mornings if possible. These are always our favorite beach times, pregnant or not. Then you need to pack plenty of sun protection, from lotions and umbrellas to hats and sunglasses. So pick out your favorite sunglasses and large-brim hat or fedora and wear them, really wear them, after all, staying out of the sun and keeping cool is important from top to bottom!


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