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DIY No Sew Baby Bibs

My two boys started teething pretty early in comparison to my friends and according to “the book". The drool just keeps on coming and doesn’t stop. Seems like by the time we got somewhere, I would have to change their outfit since the front was soaked. I looked for cute bibs, but none of them seemed comfortable enough to wear most of the day as a spit catcher, if you will. I looked online and found a few sites that had them for sale but they cost an exorbitant amount of money. So, I figured I would take a shot at making my own, and guess what, they didn’t turn out half bad after all.

Take a clean washed jersey cotton shirt and cut an 11 inch square (may need to adjust based on size of child and neck, but I found 11 inches is about middle of the road). The chalk will help keep from damaging the fabric and help mark off the areas you need to cut. You can get 3-4 bibs per shirt, depending on the size of the shirt. Fold in half on the diagonal. Then, place one side of the fastener on one end of the folded ends and follow the directions on the back of the attacher kit. You will need the hammer for this part so you can ensure the fasteners are on good and tight.* Now attach the female part to the other end, securing tightly as well. Your bib is now ready to rock and roll.

DIY No sew baby bib

What You Will Need:

Jersey cotton shirt

Fabric (or very sharp) scissors


Tape measure


Fastener snaps* (See warning statement below)

Dritz Easy Attacher kit

* Important: Please supervise children under two years of age, as these small pieces can be a choking hazard. 


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